10 Awesome Apps to Keep Your Mind Active Over Summer

Most students have probably planned out all the pleasant activities and getaways to get the most of the summer season. But for those who can’t afford to escape for a few days or retreat deep into the wilderness, the enthusiasm of getting out of school can quickly turn into boredom and frustration.

Shift your boredom into something exciting and productive this summer. Take a look at these cool and interesting apps that are worth a try and help you pass the time.

1. Lumosity


Increase your brain power while on vacation by checking out this online cognitive training program. Lumosity, a personalized training program, offers a series of games and puzzles specifically designed to improve users overall mental ability. Its key focus is to enhance one’s thinking speed, memory, flexibility, attention and problem-solving skills.

2. Elevate

Another must-try mind-exercising app is Elevate.It has a different approach that aims to hone users’ readingcomprehension, speaking, listening and vocabulary. Through the helpof this app, you can easily process information quickly and enhanceyour communication skills. Utilize Elevate as often as you can toimprove your critical cognitive abilities.

3. EnglishGrammar Online


One of the most productive ways to spend your vacation is to improve your English while you wait for the start ofanother school year. Here’s a guide to learning English where you can do some vocabulary and grammar exercises. You can access this online resource at home and anywhere you go.

4. SuperiorPapers


Aside from sharpening your reading comprehension and communication skills, don’t forget to polish your writing as well. Superiorpapers doesn’t only provide excellent writing guide and samples. This site also has expert wordsmiths and real editors who can critic your written works and help you become a good writer.

5. Universal Book Reader


Books will never disappoint you when you can’t think of anything to do for the day. Spend your time reading a variety of books on Universal Book Reader app. This free eBook tool lets you read not only EPUB but even PDF and ACMS files on any devices. UB reader has user-friendly and stylistic interface that gives a comfortable reading experience to users.

6. Duolingo


Duolingo app will teach you something amusing and stimulating this summer. Learn different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch and English for free. Once you go back to school, you can show off your new-learned skill to your classmates and friends.

7. OrigamiInstructions


Practice your creativity during your idle time by making different origamis. It’s okay if you’re not expert in folding and creasing papers. This app has a list of amazing and easy-to-follow instructions ranging from simple to advanced models. With Origami Instructions tool, creating a complete figure of a cute dog, cat, flower and toys can become so much fun.

8. PocketMadLibs


You will never get bored if you have PocketMadlibs on your mobile phone. You can now create funny stories with your friends and laugh about it using this app. This game could be a great way to pass time whether you’re in a long road trip or just lying down on your bed. You’ll get to learn different parts of speech as you play it.

9. Crackle


Stuck at home? Catching a movie makes everything better. Since you’ve got a lot of free time to watch movies why not make the most of it with Crackle, a multi-platform video entertainment network and studio. This site is completely free, but it does have ads and commercials. Meanwhile, it distributes feature-length movies, selected TV Shows, and original programming owned and produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

10. Fieldtrip


In case you decided to go out and explore some places, the Field trip app can act as your personal tour guide. It shows a wide variety of destinations by scouting out nearbyattractions for you. It will guide you to cool places such as historic spots, interesting architecture, unique art and museums. Moreover, it offers suggestions where you can eat and do enjoyable activities.

Getting trapped in a cycle of tediousness during summer break is not a rare case for students. But you can still make your long vacation entertaining and enjoyable with this collection of fun and unique apps.

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